Application Examples & User Opinions

Where has ATS CM4D been implemented? What do the users say? Find out below. These are just a few examples of our implementations. ATS CM4D can be used successfully across a whole range of industries. Please contact us if you want to know if ATS CM4D is a suitable solution for your business.

ATS CM4D customers:

ATS CM4D customers

Application Examples & User Opinions:



Laptop Manufacturer Goes for Cloud Quality Solution
One of multinational information technology corporations has signed a global purchasing agreement with ATS for ATS CM4D using a SaaS model solution. [more]

4 of the World’s Top 10 Largest Automotive Companies Use ATS’s Quality Management Software Products
4 out of 10 largest 2013 automobile producing companies are using ATS’s products in their quality management and reporting: [more]

Ford Motor Company
In 2002 Ford Motor Company implemented CM4D at all its assembly and stamping plants across North America, including more than 30 plants. [more]

Honda of America
In 2004 Honda of America implented CM4D as an enterprise solution. [more]

Volvo Car Corporation
Volvo Car Corporation implemented CM4D software as an enterprise solution in 2001 across its three major facilities in Europe and 2 plants in Asia. [more]

Saab Automobile
Saab Auto also implemented CM4D in 2001, and also uses the CM4D Interactive interface extensively for plant-floor-level quality analysis, with hundreds of registered users of that interface. [more]


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